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The differences between a RAW and a JPEG file is that the RAW files are uncompressed and unedited image data collected by the sensors of a digital camera or scanner is contained in a RAW file. They’re a type of… Continue Reading →

Travel Poster

I would like to visit Puerto Rico again because their is many places to visit their. They also have many different beaches to go to. And walking at Old San Juan was really interesting because everything looked so nice. It… Continue Reading →

Meticulous Photography

This arrangement that Emily Blincoe took caught my eye because the orange background made the green leaves pop out. Also because the leaves are all different each one is unique.

Surrealistic Collage

In this collage a car is going to save the polar bear.

100 Most Influential Images Of All Time

Donna Ferrato In this photo the man Bengt was beating his wife Elisabeth. This was happening in their home were the wife was just in the corner struggling. The photographer caught this photo as evidence. I chose this photo because… Continue Reading →

Portraits with Makeup

Touch series

Studio Portraits with Strobes and Gels

This person looks like serious in a way. He also is looking away in the picture like almost as if he’s looking towards something. The way the arranged the light was probably put red on one side of the light… Continue Reading →

Other Worldly Landscapes

I had to take a picture of the sky first, then put a color on top of it and merged the layers. The last thing i did was use the liquify to swirl the background a bit.


  I chose these words because the sunlight that is reflecting and it is from a song.

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