Richard Drew                                                                         This picture was on 9/11. The backstory was that when people were trying to escape the skyscrapers they had no idea what to do. In this capture the man decided to jump out of the collapsing building. I chose this picture because to this day everyone remembers this day and how much impact it did on us. 

Donna Ferrato

In this photo the man Bengt was beating his wife Elisabeth. This was happening in their home were the wife was just in the corner struggling. The photographer caught this photo as evidence. I chose this photo because usually when a women comes out about this they are so quick to think she is lying. But with this it helped get the Violence Against Women Act passed.

John Paul Filo

This photo was taken after a shooting happened because of students protesting in a college. Although, the students weren’t just protesting because they started breaking stuff until it got out of hand. They had to call National Guard troops in order to end this. I chose this picture because it was interesting to read the caption. Even though the protest had turned into something they couldn’t control they shouldn’t have fired any guns. Innocent people who were not even apart of it passed away.